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Chris Ristau was good at dealing with not only myself and my wife, but my parents since they were helping with the down money, they had input on choice of homes. I know in sales, too many decision makers makes things messy. On top of that, I ended up having to buy under a tight timeline. Due to the time pressure, I ended up looking all over the place and Chris rolled with it. We had a few failed bids and one failed escrow due to the home owner hiding 30-50 grand in foundation issues. I think we viewed thirty homes. These are things that can drive agents nuts. Chris kept his professionalism and always presented options in a logical matter. Never felt like he was pushing us to just buy anything so he could collect his commission. Instead, I felt like I had someone working to get the best option possible. It was a sellers market, which usually the buying agent works harder. There is no doubt Chris carried the work load getting us through escrow. As far as a real estate agent and loan agent, I think Chris Ristau is an excellent choice for anyone.