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Selling your first home is very bittersweet; it’s an emotional journey to let go and an exciting journey that empowers your future. When embarking on something like this it’s improtant that you find a company and an agent whom understand that journey and tailor their genuine approach and their strategies to it. Mari and the E3 team do just that. They have a well balanced approach to slowing down enough to identify what matters most to you while not detracting from the speed and velocity you desire when someone is taking action on your behalf of either the sale or purchase. Everyone’s situation is unique, in the case of my home sale I had moved across the country and informed Mari I would need a realtor who could function highly independent due to my new job; she not only was extremely considerate about my time, but she strategically created transactional and communication touch points that were most impactful for my remote home sale. Additionally she went above and beyond out of the kindness of her heart to step in at times when my family could not go to the property to take care of business that had arised. I can’t say enough about her, her approach and the way the team operates seamlessly together ! They have a client for life in me