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I started my home search with Mari about 3 years ago in search of my first home. I had no idea what I was doing or what to ask or how to look, but she and Stephanie guided me through everything and even guided me to ask specific questions for my own knowledge. We went through several neighborhoods together, a few budget changes and a good increase from my original idea and quickly learned what made sense for me while still getting what I wanted. Ultimately, after several offers not winning and even getting into a contract and backing out because I didn’t feel it was right, we ended up in 2019 and a house on Parker Ave. It appeared for me because Mari knew exactly what I was looking for, what my style was and especially what my deal breakers were. I can’t say enough how much that deep personal knowledge and attention made all the difference in searching for a home. We made the offer, got into contract and it was all smooth sailing from there. I had so many questions and each one got answered to the detail. Can’t say how nervous, anxious, and stressed out I would get but she definitely helped ease me through the whole process!

Can’t say enough to how excited I am for my first home, and how amazing it was working with Mari and her team to make my goal a reality!