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Myles McMillen,


2157 Country Hills Drive Suite 206
Antioch CA, 94509

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About Myles

Myles was born and raised in Discovery Bay. He graduated from Sacramento State where he met his wife before returning home to start a life together in the East Bay. He has been in the Fire Service for 10 years which has instilled in him the importance of putting others before himself. Those values are no different with his Real Estate clients. Going through the process of buying and selling a home can be difficult to navigate and that’s why he strives to guide his clients through every step of the process. To him, the most exciting part of Real Estate is to see the joy home buying brings in those he’s serving. His hobbies include boating, softball, traveling and spending time with his wife and son.

Future Goals: Myles loves traveling to new places and soaking up fun, new experiences! He also strives to be the best example he can for his son and raise him with great values to be a kind, good person.

Favorite space: The backyard! It’s a great opportunity to come together and create lasting memories with friends and family