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Bry Wilcox

DRE# 019953141
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    Contra Costa County is a beautiful place to live, work and play, which is why Real Estate agent Bry chose to call it home. With over 8 years of experience buying and selling condos, single and multi-family homes to veteran or first time buyers, Bryan has his client’s interests at heart.

    A passionate, tech-savvy and self-motivated entrepreneur, Bry focuses on building and maintaining client relationships – most of which become lifelong friends. By helping people purchase the home of their dreams or sell a home that holds precious memories of raising their families, he says it gives him a sense of accomplishment and a level of thrill helping them win.

    As a master-solver, one of Bry’s specialties is closing difficult and challenging properties and finding solutions to problems during the escrow process. He’s skilled at being transparent and thorough in outlining all options and possible consequences for his clients through full disclosure, in order to give them the ability to make the best and most educated decisions for what could be, quite possibly one of the most expensive purchases or sales they’ll ever make in their life.

    Bry makes it a point to represent one party of the transaction because he says, “You can’t be faithful if you have two wives!” On a more serious note, representing only one party in the transaction allows him to fully negotiate on his clients’ behalf to their full advantage, without compromising his loyalties to the other party.

    In addition to his honesty, integrity, hustle and tenacity in Real Estate, Bry believes in giving back to others, animals and his community. Coming from a less-than-fortunate background, it is important for him to do for others what he couldn’t do for himself at one point in his life, which is why being philanthropic, helps keep him humble and grounded. He contributes to riders on Aids/LifeCycle teams, sponsors animals from local shelters and volunteers his time to help make the world a better place.

    “Hi! I’m Bryan S. Wilcox and Real Estate is my passion, which shines through in my leadership and market knowledge. The only thing I value more than my clients’ loyalty is their referrals. The most important things to me are my client’s satisfaction, being genuine and transparent and having a positive demeanor. As a YPN Chair for DAR in 2017, I’m honored to say that I have exceeded client expectations since 2012.”