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LIVE Home Buying Seminar

If you are currently paying $2,000 in rent, let us provide free information on how you can invest that same money into your own property and future. Most people we talk to are much closer to purchasing than they realize. Even if you don’t plan to purchase a home for 6 months, one year or two years, it is never too soon to build a roadmap and set some goals.

In Our Free Webinar You Will Learn


  • An overview of the home buying process, from financial preparation all the way to closing.
  • An overview of the mortgage process (pre-approval, GFE, underwriting, conditions, closing)
  • The different types of home loans, with pros and cons of each


  • How to get the best deal on a loan (credit score considerations, paying points, etc.)
  • Current mortgage rates, trends for the last few months, and rate predictions going forward
  • The current state of your local housing market (supply and demand, negotiating leverage, etc.)

  • The current inventory situation in the area (how easy / hard is it to find a home)
  • How to make an offer and negotiate with sellers
  • What happens on closing day and how to prepare for it.