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Address: 2157 Country Hills Drive, Suite 206, Antioch CA 94509
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We Will Change Your Life
We are an all-encompassing Real Estate & Finance Firm with over 20 years of combined Real Estate, Finance and Marketing expertise. Our teamconsists of Empowered professionals who Elevate the lives of their clients by providing exceptional knowledge and strategy no one else can deliver. We Enrich local communities through volunteer work and giving back a percentage of each transaction.
Our team consists of the most empowered professionals in the industry.
We elevate clients’ lives by providing unparalleled knowledge and strategy no one else can deliver.
As a result, neighborhoods and communities are enriched through our collective efforts to embrace local businesses and give back through volunteering and donations.
This is our mission. Empower. Elevate. Enrich.
Empower. Elevate. Enrich.
Empowering Professionals to Elevate Clients’ Lives and Enrich our Communities.

E3 was started by four innovative and caring real estate professionals who saw the serious lack of education and training in the industry. Too often we came across agents who lacked knowledge on topics imperative to their clients’ real estate needs or met clients who were discouraged about selling or buying a home because of prior experiences. Both of these scenarios disappointed us and we wanted to do something about it.

The agents mentioned above were savvy and driven. With the right training and best tools, they would triple their business and lead with the Empowered professionalism they were seeking when first getting into the real estate industry. The agents would Elevate the lives of their clients by providing unmatched knowledge and the ultimate service clients deserve during the largest transactions of their lives. In the end, local communities would be Enriched through their collective efforts to give back through volunteering and financial contributions.

This is why we are doing this. This is why we are here.

Our Leadership Team works in a collaborative, hands-on and unconventional process compared to our competitors. The industry has a void that we are here to fill. Agents are not receiving the value they should from their brokerages. Because of this lack of value, there is a trickle-down effect to the consumer which gets passed along to the communities around us. We hear words such as “leadership” and “culture” be thrown around with no true meaning behind them. That is why we are here to do the opposite.

We refuse to let our agents fail. Most agents didn’t come into the business with a marketing and social media background or a compliance and legal background. You came here to become a Real Estate expert. We can relate. This company was built with purpose: To provide value to our agents through expertise in every area surrounding real estate. We have researched and acquired the best tools and systems that will support and develop the most knowledgeable and successful agents in the industry. We want to witness and be a part of your success.

Welcome to the team.

Company Culture
At E3 Realty & Loans we value individuality and authenticity. We feel we can support each other and our business at unparalleled levels when we can embrace who we truly are. Our relationships naturally extend beyond work because we’re immersed in the desire for everyone to be successful— and we actually like each other! Our company culture is not only work and training events but also family parties, vacations, dinners, and friendly competitions. This is what culture means to E3.
Many companies like to talk about culture but few truly embody it. At E3 Realty & Loans, we believe in bringing the team together and having fun both inside and outside work with quarterly team building events that are a mixture of work and family events.
Team conferences
We like to have fun, but we also love to learn! That’s why we go to as many conferences, including the Tom Ferry Summit, each year as a team so we can grow and Elevate our business together.
Yearly company party
Each year, we like to celebrate our success! That’s why we host a yearly party for our team members and their families.
Not only do we want to help you achieve your goals, we want you to have fun doing it! Each quarter, we host a friendly contest that keeps you motivated to stay top of mind with your clients and accomplish your goals. Prizes have included: Couple massage, 5-star dinners, sporting events, all-inclusive trip for 2, Apple watch and more!
The team that plays together, stays together. Team trips are an integral part of the E3 culture.
Interested in joining us? Contact us and let’s make an appointment to talk about your career.
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