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E3 Realty & Loans is hiring because we are passionate about training and helping people grow. We want to help you increase your business year over year. We want you to be viewed as the go to REALTOR®️ in your sphere and we want to give you the tools and training it takes to deliver expertise and premium customer service to your sphere resulting in ongoing referrals.



  • Experienced REALTORS and Loan Officers
  • REALTORS and Loan Officers to be on the Ownership group’s team.
  • New REALTORS and Loan Officers
  • Thinking about getting licensed? We can help you navigate the path.



Our Leadership Team works in a collaborative, hands-on and unconventional process compared to our competitors. The industry has a void that we are here to fill. Agents are not receiving the value they should from their brokerages. Because of this lack of value, there is a trickle-down effect to the consumer which gets passed along to the communities around us. We hear words such as “leadership” and “culture” thrown around with no true meaning behind them. That is why we are here to do the opposite.  

We refuse to let our agents fail. Most agents didn’t come into the business with a marketing and social media background or a compliance and legal background. You came here to become a Real Estate expert. We can relate. This company was built with purpose: To provide value to our agents through expertise in every area surrounding real estate. We have researched and acquired the best tools and systems that will support and develop the most knowledgeable and successful agents in the industry. We want to witness and be a part of your success.


Buyer / Seller Workshops

Our buyer/seller workshops are what agents at our company book with leads and new clients before beginning any transaction. So far, they have a 100% rate of closing the deal. Participants in our workshops send referrals before they are even in contract.

Why Buy / Why Sell Booklets

We provide updated quarterly booklets to send to your sphere and leads, keeping them updated on the market and helping them prepare to buy or sell.

Video Program

Record educational videos, market updates, awesome listing videos, special giveaways for past clients. We have an in house video and editing team. Upload them easily to Youtube, all social media platforms and email campaigns.


The real estate industry facilitates the most important financial decision most Americans make in their lifetime. Yet, most REALTORS® are not properly trained or prepared to succeed. Meanwhile, the industry sales force is aging. This creates opportunities for those who want a meaningful career and for companies that want to lead the industry into the future. Through E3 Realty & Loans, we present advanced concepts no other industry resource provides.

We believe it is necessary to have a hybrid, hands-on approach to training. We present to you one of the best training programs and mentors you could ask for.