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We are an all-encompassing Real Estate & Finance Firm with 20 years of combined Real Estate, Finance and Marketing Expertise. Our team consists of the most Empowered professionals in the industry who Elevate the lives of their clients by providing unparalleled knowledge and strategy no one else can deliver and are determined to Enrich local communities through giving back a percentage of each transaction. This is our mission. Empower. Elevate. Enrich.

Chris Ristau is the best Realtor agent we could have asked for. He made home buying process less stressful by being with us step by step. Chris answered any and every question we had, and I could call him anytime I wanted. I would use Chris and his company over and over. I will recommend him to all my friends and family. It was a pleasure doing business with such caring people. We were treated with respect at all times. Appreciate everything you did for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I started my home search with Mari about 3 years ago in search of my first home. I had no idea what I was doing or what to ask or how to look, but she and Stephanie guided me through everything and even guided me to ask specific questions for my own knowledge. We went through several neighborhoods together, a few budget changes and a good increase from my original idea and quickly learned what made sense for me while still getting what I wanted. Ultimately, after several offers not winning and even getting into a contract and backing out because I didn’t feel it was right, we ended up in 2019 and a house on Parker Ave. It appeared for me because Mari knew exactly what I was looking for, what my style was and especially what my deal breakers were. I can’t say enough how much that deep personal knowledge and attention made all the difference in searching for a home. We made the offer, got into contract and it was all smooth sailing from there. I had so many questions and each one got answered to the detail. Can’t say how nervous, anxious, and stressed out I would get but she definitely helped ease me through the whole process!

Can’t say enough to how excited I am for my first home, and how amazing it was working with Mari and her team to make my goal a reality!

I could not be anymore satisfied with Chris’ work. Purchasing my first home was one of the most stressful things I have ever encountered, yet Chris was very helpful, understanding and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. There was a time when I thought this would not be possible but Chris helped me find the perfect home at the perfect time for my family. I will definitely be recommending him to all of my friends looking to purchase!

We’ve know Chris for a long time, so going with someone we knew was important to us. This was a reverse mortgage and Chris was very informative with all transactions taking place. When we were unable to go to him, he came to us. Chris was very professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an agent.

Chris is a true professional that has integrity and did a great job keeping us informed. For me it was important that Chris kept us up to date with anything needed or any changes. I was really impressed that he never tried to pursuade us in any one direction but instead kept us in the loop of all different options and possibilities. He made the process easy and smooth but also made sure he had everything ahead of time so there were no hiccups. Thank you Chris for helping us make the right decision and working so diligently to process everything so quickly.

Chris is one of the friendliest professionals I have ever met. He will take great care of you and your family.

Ryan Evanson was amazing! He was very understanding with our situation. He went at a pace, from start to finish that was comfortable for us. He really understood our feelings and needs in our situation. He guides us through every step of the way. We felt confident and comfortable in a process that we had no experience in or much knowledge of. Thank you so much Ryan!

My experience with Chris has been a wonderful experience. My agent/broker they dealt with was professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful at every aspect of purchasing my home. I wish more agents could be like Chris. So if you’re looking for someone to really be in your corner think Chris would be the person you want to talk to.

Before you get into my review, please know no one is paying me for this review and I am not afraid to call out flaws or issues, because no one is perfect.  I have dealt with a range of agents over the years and Chris Ristau stands out from the other agents. I valued his knowledge with both real estate and financing, but also his willingness to research things. No one knows everything, but people who can do research will usually find the answers, but many agents do want to put in the effort. I was not a big spender, but I believe I got the same level of service a million dollar buyer would have gotten.

Chris Ristau worked really hard to make the home purchase happen. Even though I didn’t have 20% down, he worked his magic to make great progress. He’s very communicative and honest. Chris is super easy to work with and he explains everything he does step by step. I would recommend Chris anyone who wants to buy or sell a home. If you’re going to go through the process, you might as well make it as painless and clear cut as possible! It’s very beneficial to have the same organization provide the loan and real estate services in this crazy Bay Area market.

Chris Ristau invested a lot of time really listening to our expectations throughout the sales process. He kept us informed each step of the process and offered his professional opinion in a clear and concise manner. Allowing us to be confident throughout the decision-making process and supporting our needs throughout the sale.

Chris is fast in answering questions, he is very knowledgeable in the real estate world. Chris is on top of things!!

Selling your first home is very bittersweet; it’s an emotional journey to let go and an exciting journey that empowers your future. When embarking on something like this it’s improtant that you find a company and an agent whom understand that journey and tailor their genuine approach and their strategies to it. Mari and the E3 team do just that. They have a well balanced approach to slowing down enough to identify what matters most to you while not detracting from the speed and velocity you desire when someone is taking action on your behalf of either the sale or purchase. Everyone’s situation is unique, in the case of my home sale I had moved across the country and informed Mari I would need a realtor who could function highly independent due to my new job; she not only was extremely considerate about my time, but she strategically created transactional and communication touch points that were most impactful for my remote home sale. Additionally she went above and beyond out of the kindness of her heart to step in at times when my family could not go to the property to take care of business that had arised. I can’t say enough about her, her approach and the way the team operates seamlessly together ! They have a client for life in me

Chris knows the business well, he’s on top of his game and he goes above and beyond the call of duty. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Mari Wines was very helpful and knowledgeable. She helped me to understand the whole process. I would definitely recommend her to my family or friends!

Chris Ristau was awesome, he explained every step and touched basis with me very day no matter how small the detail.

Buying a house has to be one of the most intimidating transactions ever. Chris Ristau made this process very easy. He explained everything so well, he made us feel comfortable every step of the way! We are very happy with the work that Chris has done and he has become not only our broker for life, but also a great friend forever. I look forward buying my second home and using Chris as my broker.

Chris was very knowledgeable and patient during the entire process of you purchase. He always made himself available and he answered every question he had. I am confident that Chris gave us the best advice when it came to our loan and purchase option. I am so greatly we got to work with Chris! I would recommend Chris to our family and Friends.

We would not have been able to do this without Chris! He helped us to fulfill our dream.

He has great knowledge of the entire process. We were first time buyers and his knowledge was critical to us.

Chris Ristau was good at dealing with not only myself and my wife, but my parents since they were helping with the down money, they had input on choice of homes. I know in sales, too many decision makers makes things messy. On top of that, I ended up having to buy under a tight timeline. Due to the time pressure, I ended up looking all over the place and Chris rolled with it. We had a few failed bids and one failed escrow due to the home owner hiding 30-50 grand in foundation issues. I think we viewed thirty homes. These are things that can drive agents nuts. Chris kept his professionalism and always presented options in a logical matter. Never felt like he was pushing us to just buy anything so he could collect his commission. Instead, I felt like I had someone working to get the best option possible. It was a sellers market, which usually the buying agent works harder. There is no doubt Chris carried the work load getting us through escrow. As far as a real estate agent and loan agent, I think Chris Ristau is an excellent choice for anyone.

He was great and we consider him a friend for a life time and was awesome with our boys as well and he still helps us with question even after we have moved in and there would be no reason for anything right now but I still find myself calling him when I still have a question about a home question.

Mari is a true professional, a great negotiator, and a better friend that did a wonderful job from start to finish. As first-time homebuyers we anticipated this being the most intimidating and stressful experiences of our life, yet Mari made it so easy. She did a great job keeping us informed and helped us understand every detail of the process along the way. We purchased the third house we looked at and Mari worked hard to negotiate big money back, despite some seriously stubborn sellers. Thank you, Mari for helping us make the right decision and working meticulously to process everything so quickly.

It was a no brainer. We knew when we finally decided to buy, Mari would be the broker for us.

Chris Ristau is a great agent and above all great human being to work with as he very hard working, dedicated professional and his expertise on both selling/buying and lending/mortgage is unmeasurable. The marketing and use of 3D virtual tour makes it real convenient for buyers to get a very good feel for the home before even stepping into it. Thank you Chris Ristau for all their hard work and getting our home sold for record price!

Chris was the first broker in a year of searching that had a can-do attitude and was truly seeking to partner with a client in the process. As a 15-year veteran of the relocation world I have dealt with 100s of agents. Chris is truly top tier, exceptional.

I was referred to Chris after extensive shopping for a loan for a re-finance of my home. I am glad that I went through Chris and his brokerage firm. He was able to compete with all other loan agents, was extremely friendly, and made my whole experience comfortable. This is my third time working with a professional regarding home loans and I can assure you Chris is a great professional. Home purchases, re-finances, and most loan related changes can be difficult and time consuming if the wrong person is hired to assist, Chris was phenomenal with his services, I felt like very little time was dedicated to this process, the documents were very well explained, and most importantly Chris was very patient with me. Thank you Chris and I will be back in the future for more business.

If you are looking for a broker, Chris Ristau is your guy. He’s a family man that knows his stuff. Chris helped us when we purchased our first home 2 years ago and he helped us sell it now that our family has grown too big for that home. Not only did he make the selling process easy but he helped us get 80k over list price!! He does an amazing job of understanding and getting to know our family and our schedules. At this time we have a 2 year old and a child due next month and i work nights and my husband works days. Chris makes sure to schedule meetings around our sleep schedules and gives us enough notice to make things happen. One thing we love about Chris is that he is very easy to talk to and makes himself fully available to us at any time through text, email, and phone. Back when we purchased our first home we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but Chris made confusing paperwork easy for us to understand by going over every page with us and never asking us to sign something we didn’t understand. We recommended Chris Ristau to my sister when she purchased her first home and she has nothing but positive things to say about him as well. We look forward to working with Chris in purchasing our second home for a great price.

Chris Ristau did a wonderful job in helping us purchase our second home. He listened to what we were looking for in a home and showed us a bunch of houses. In the end we found the house that was right for us and we couldn’t be happier. The home we purchased needed a little work and Chris helped us find the right guys to do the work. He really goes the extra mile for his clients which makes him great at his job. I would definitely contact him for any of my real estate or broker needs, as well as recommend him to family or friends.

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